the covert report - all the feels

November 8, 2023

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It's that time of year again where the East End transitions into the season of lights and spectacular sunsets as we edge forward into the Holidays.  But while the traffic thins, and the pace of daily life slows a bit, one thing remains a constant - and that is the Hamptons Luxury Real Estate Market.   And by constant, I guess I mean weird.   We have spoken in the past ad nauseam about the lack of housing inventory and the pressures of inflation, and not much has changed there - though we may have finally received the much anticipated messaging from the Fed that interest rates may have finally topped out.  Bond yields are in flux, Wall Street has been on a bit of nice run, and we now have a second regional war further eroding global stability.  Add to that the prospect of a contentious and knock-down-drag-out election cycle, and we have a full range of moods right now.  All the feels as my kids like to say.   

So where does that put the real estate market looking into the future?  Well, if I could answer that I would be typing this from my flying yacht in the South Pacific, but alas my crystal ball….

What I would offer is that I still feel that the Hamptons market is a solid investment, and no matter what, I strongly believe that it is one which will always hold and build value, even with the inevitable hiccups in life.  For investors it's a tangible asset with little supply, high demand, and finite room to expand.  And for those who see things in a more joie de vivre way, we still live in one of the most beautiful places on earth just a couple of hours away from the greatest city on the planet.  So if you find something you like, maybe just jump in.  Life is a wild ride, enjoy it.  


As always, happy to chat in more depth about the market or a specific property, and please feel free to share this with any friends or colleagues you may have who are looking for assistance with Hamptons Real Estate.  A nice word from folks like you is always appreciated.

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